BooksA review of our work with authors, companies, and publishers:

Pearl Productions, LLC
Jan. 2013-present
Write and edit scripts for educational videos to be used for state licensing exams.

American Nurses Association
Dec. 2011-present
Copy edit and proofread position and white papers in APA style. (Visit:

Fridays Matter
January 2012-present
Copy edit and proofread sermons for this progressive Muslim nonprofit. Visit:

Doug G.
April 2012
Proofread Dr. G’s self-help book for improving personal relationships, One for Another.

Eileen Stoecklin
March 2012
Proofread the Beautiful Truth, a fictional book about transformation from homelessness in America’s heartland.

March 2012
Copy edited Ruby’s commercial fiction novel of Broadway intrigue, Show Biz.

Shannon B.
March 2012
Proofread Shapeshifter, An awakening on the paths of art and gender, Shannon’s memoir of life as a trans gendered artist.

February 2012
Copy edited Athena’s fantasy novel, Murder of Crows.

Will G.
Sept.-Nov. 2011
Manuscript critique for Will’s historical-fiction thriller set in Paris’s bawdy fin de siècle, the Edge of the Future.

Laura G.
Nov. 2011
Copy edited Rewind to You, a coming-of-age novel of young-adult fiction.

Dan B.
Oct. 2011-Jan. 2012
Edit and compile short stories and essays
for The Road Less Traveled, a compilation of stories from musicians about rock ‘n’ roll experiences on the road.

Tom H.
Oct. 2011
Manuscript critique for Tom’s coming-of-age novel.

Dragonberry Produce
Sept. 2011
Copy edited advertising copy for exotic produce company:

Deb Cleveland
Aug.-Oct., 2011
Copy edited Deb’s real estate investment self-help book for women,
and workbook:

Kathleen L.
June, 2010 (Salem, Oregon)
Copy edited informational and promotional piece for non-profit.

Randy Q.
June, 2010 (Oregon)
Copy editing Randy’s self-help/inspirational non-fiction book.

Hal and Evangelyn S.
April-May, 2010 (Oregon)
Performed a manuscript critique for a fictional story of cross-cultural adoption.

Rebbecca T.
March-April, 2010
Performed a manuscript critique for Rebbecca’s woman’s fiction novel.

Katie H.
February, 2010
Proofread Katie’s teacher curriculum/instruction guide.

Phil S.
February 2010
Proofread Phil’s metaphysical self-help non-fiction book.

Marcia G.
February 2010 (Florida)
Copy edited Marcia’s historical romance novel.

Bill W.
January 201o (Oregon)
Edited Bill’s non-fiction Christian/inspirational book.

Ernest B.
January 201o (Utah)
Editing Mr. B’s novel of suspense for publication.

Ellis S.
January 201o (Oregon)
Copy editing Ellis’s young adult novel set in Russia.

Rob S.
December 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited Mr. S’s young-adult fantasy novel.

Shannon B.
November 2009 (Oregon)
Critiqued and offered feedback on Shannon’s non-fiction account of gender transformation.

Frank S.
October 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited Mr. S’s World War II-era novel.

Angelie S.
October 2009
Copy edited the author’s young-adult fantasy novel.

Frank S.
October 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited Mr. S’s World War II-era novel.

Lillian W.
October 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited Lillian’s fictionalized historical novel of an event in Black history.

Rachel H.
October 2009 (Florida)
Proofread Ms. H’s memoir.

Jordan T.
October 2009 (California)
Copy edited Jordan’s novel of polyamorous relationships.

Bob W.
September 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited memoir of returning client.

William G.
September 2009 (Oregon)
Critiqued Mr. G’s novel.

Heather M.
September 2009 (Oregon)
Copy edited Ms. M’s young-adult novel.

Peter C.
August 2009 (California)
Proofread collection of essays by former art-college dean.

Hassan R.
July 2009 (Portland, OR)
Proofread memoir of returning client.

Annette S.
June 2009 — present (Portland, OR)
Proofread wine reviews.

Julie C.
May-June 2009 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited the author’s spiritual, New Age novel.

Karanja C.
May 2009 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited board-game questions for Quest for Freedom, a young-adult role-playing game about Black history and the abolition of slavery.

Lynn P.
April 2009 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited Ms. P’s social-justice thriller.

Margaret B.
March 2009 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited the author’s collection of short ghost stories.

Geoff H.
February 2009 (Portland, OR)
Edited Geoff’s novel of social justice.

Gina M.
February 2009 (Houston, TX)
Compiled Gina’s blog into a non-fiction book.

Elisa K.
January 2009 (Portland, OR)
Proofread Elisa’s children’s book.

Bob H.
December — August 2008 (Portland, OR)
Working with Mr. H on organization and to copy edit his self-help book for fathers, Dads Matter.

Deepak N.
December 2008 — present (Panama)
Copy editing Deepak’s novel about social awareness in South Africa.

Burnadette C.
December 2008 — March 2009 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited Burnadette’s young adult novel. Click here for ordering information for the Brooklyn Leprechaun.

The Shadow Project
November — December 2008 (Portland, OR)
Edited and designed Web site for this Portland non-profit.

Ralph P.
August 2008 — May 2009 (Portland, OR)
Working with the author on expanding notes and letters into a novel-length Vietnam-era novel/memoir.

Bill W., author
May 2007 — November 2009 (Portland, OR)
Editing Mr. W’s motivational non-fiction book for clarity and organization. Assisted the author in the composition of a query letter that has had a very high rate of proposal requests, and book proposal package for submission to agents.

January 2008 — present (Portland, OR)
Editing advertising copy for this marketing and communications strategies firm. Visit for the company’s impressive background.

Nora G.
October 2008 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited Nora’s non-fiction book, Primal Bodies–Primal Minds, prior to its publication.

Bruce C.
August — September 2008 (Portland, OR)
Copy edited the author’s literary novel.

Steve C.
June — September 2008 (Portland, OR)
Working with the Oregonian illustrator on a children’s book prior to submission for publication.

Diane B.
August — September 2008 (Strom Lake, IA)
Copy editing Diane’s romance novel.

Martha G.
July 2008 (Portland, OR)
Edited several narrative essays on hip hop.

Rachel H.
July 2008 (Savanna, GA)
Edited Ms. H’s journal-style young adult novel for organization and clarity.

Christy S.
July 2008 (Portland, OR)
Developmental edit then copy edit of Christy’s children’s book.

Gary W.
Editor, May 2008 (Las Vegas, NV)
Provided the author’s metaphysical novel with a manuscript critique.

Latrisha J.
Editor, March — April 2008 — present
Edited Latrisha’s novel for syntax and clarity.

Right of the People coverSteve W.

Editor, January 2008 (Portland, OR)
Proofread Mr. Wheeler’s political thriller, The Right of the People. Visit Barnes and Nobel’s Web site for ordering information.

KidsCarol S.

Editor, January 2008 (Newport, OR)
Copy edited Carol’s inspirational non-fiction book on aging, Kids 59.99 and Over.

Tim O.
Co-writer, December 2007 — June 2008 (Portland, OR)
Assisted Mr. O in writing a detective novel.

Nik von F.
Editor, October 2007 (Portland)
Performed a read-through and critique of the author’s novel of historical fiction.

I ApologizeAffluent Publishing, Inc.

Editor, September — October 2007; September 2008 (New Jersey)
Performed a line edit of Affluent’s romance novel, I Apologize; later proofread the book. Visit to learn more.

Randy K.
Editor, September 2007; April 2008; June 2008 (Canada)
Performed a critical read-through of the author’s social-justice novel. Subsequently proofread the novel. Assisted the author in composing a query letter.

Lee Jackson, author
Editor, September 2007 (Portland, OR)
Edited Jackson’s science-based children’s story, Swifty’s Big Flight. Visit Jackson’s website to pre-order the children’s book, and to learn about the Vaux Swift.

Viridian Environmental Design, LLC
Writer and Editor, September 2007 — present (Portland, OR)
Writing and editing website content for this eco-friendly urban design and planning company.

Dennis H.
Editor, August — September 2007 (Medford, OR)
Line edited of Mr. H’s murder-mystery, Devotion in the First Degree.

Holly H.
Editor, August — September 2007 (Wilsonville, OR)
Edited the author’s fictional thriller to reduce word count.

Bill M.
August — September, 2007 (California)
Edited Bill’s historical fantasy/adventure novel set in Tibet in the 1960s.

Shannon Capps, author
July 2007 (Portland, OR)
Edited Mr. Capp’s author bio and back cover copy for his fictional thriller, Salmon Run (Inkwater Press, 2007).

Mary L.
July 2007; April 2008 (Lake Oswego, OR)
Critiqued Ms. L’s young adult novel. Offered suggestions for genre clarification and audience.

Lisa C. & Michelle D.
July 2007 — July 2008 (Vancouver, WA)
Edited the authors’ self-help/humor book for organization, clarity, and word choice.

catalystbig.jpgPaul Byers, author
July — October 2007 (Granite Falls, WA)
Edited Mr. Byers’ fictional WW2 thriller, Catalyst (Breakneck Books, 2007), for content, organization, and structure; also line editing novel. Check out Paul’s site.

Steve Y.
July — December 2007 (Portland, OR)
Edited the author’s southern gothic novel for content and organization; also proofread novel.

Gold Leaf Tarot
June 2007 (Lancaster, OH)
Edited Ms. Byers’ e-book and tarot-reading manual for organization, voice, and syntax. Visit Gold Leaf Tarot to learn more about Tamara’s work.

Jacques N.
May 2007 — present (Portland, OR)
Edited the author’s inspirational personal narrative for content, organization, and clarity.

The Color of TearsDiane Brandow
Editor, April — May 2007 (Storm Lake, IA)
Edited Ms. Brandow’s historical romance, The Color of Tears (Outskirts Press, 2008), for content, clarity, organization, plot and character development, and structure.


Jeremy Robinson, author
Editor, March — June 2007 (New Hampshire)
Edited Mr. Robinson’s speculative fictional thriller, Antarktos Rising (Breakneck Books, 2007), for content and organization; then coördinated proofread of book. Visit Jeremy’s site for some awesome podcasts.

cover_bloodbaths_small.gifSteve Libbey, author and musician
Editor, March — April 2007 (Portland, OR)
Edited Mr. Libbey’s fantasy book, The Bloodbaths (Subatomic Books, 2007), Book One of the Aquapura Trilogy, for content, story development, and syntax. Visit Subatomic Books for more information. This book is now available for purchase or free download!

Craig Alexander, authorninevehcoversmall.jpg
Editor, January — February 2007
Edited Mr. Alexander’s fictional thriller, The Nineveh Project (Breakneck Books, 2007), for content and organization; then proofread.Visit Breakneck’s site for more information and reviews of Craig’s book.

raisingthepast.jpgJeremy Robinson, author
Editor, January 2007 (New Hampshire)
Proofread the re-release of Mr. Robinson’s scientific thriller, Raising the Past (Breakneck Books, 2007). Visit Breakneck’s site for reviews and information about Jeremy’s book.

Bob W.
January 2007 (Portland, OR)
Read and critiqued Mr. W’s personal narrative for content, organization, and storyline expansion.

Art B.
September — December 2006 (West Linn, OR)
Edited Dr. B’s philosophical romance for organization, clarity, content, style, and syntax.

Dr. David C.
November 2006 (Manitou Springs, CO)
Edited Dr. Chorpenning’s inspirational non-fiction book, Everyday Visionary, for content, organization, voice, and syntax.

Marti M.
July 2007 (Portland, OR)
Edited Ms. Mendenhall’s synopsis for her ghost story, The Ghosts of Lower Eden. Check out Marti’s spooky-cool author site!

Pat H.
July — August 2006 (Milwaukie, OR)
Edited the author’s ‘60s-era novel for content, organization, clarity, and syntax.

Jessica D.
June — October 2006 (Lebanon, OR)
Edited the author’s romance novel for syntax and clarity.

Mag Resources
Sheree Lillie, Chief Editorial Publicist
October 2004 — present (New York, NY)
Assisting Ms. Lillie in organizing and editing clients’ promotional material.

ProPell Group
Michelle Pelling, CEO
January 2006 — January 2007 (Newburg, OR)
Assisted Ms. Pelling in editing her non-fiction book on navigating the healthcare system. Assisted with Ms. Pelling’s monthly on-line newsletter. View to learn more about Michelle and her work.

Steve J.
March-June 2006 (Portland, OR)
Edited Steve’s gay political satire for organization, brevity, consistency of style and clarity.

D’Norgia P.
January-March & September 2006 (Portland, OR)
Edited Ms. P’s sci-fi novel for clarity, organization, and syntax.

Lillian W., President, Maya Anglou Writer’s Guild
October 2005-November 2005 (Portland, OR)
Edited Lillian’s novel of racial segrigation for plot structure, character development, syntax and organization.

Byron T.
May-June 2005 (Cannon Beach, OR)
Edited Byron’s motivational non-fiction book for clarity, organization, syntax, and content.

healing-power-philip-shapiro.jpgPhil Shaprio
April 2005 (Portland, OR)
Edited Mr. Shapiro’s self-help book, Healing Power, (AuthorHouse, 2005) for syntax, clarity and organization. Visit to check out this book.

Bob Czimbal
February-March 2005 (Portland, OR)
Edited Mr. Czimbal’s inspirational non-fiction Kindred Spirits (Open Book Publishers, 2005) for mechanics, clarity, organization, content and word choice.

Donna Cunningham
November-December 2004 (Portland, OR)
Edited the third edition of Ms. Cunningham’s astrological instruction book An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness (Moon Maven Publications, 2005) making the text reader– and beginner-friendly, updating language, expressions, and content, and for overall clarity and organization. (Visit Ms. Cunningham’s website, for more information.)

Frank H.
Nov 2004; Oct 2005; Feb 2006 (Gresham, OR)
Copyedited Frank’s Vietnam-era war novel One Tin Soldier. Also assisted Mr. Haak in composing and editing query letters.

Forge of the GodsEric Fogle
September — October 2004 (Troutdale, OR)
Edited Mr. Fogle’s fantasy novel Forge of the Gods (Breakneck Books, 2007) for syntax, grammar and plot and character development. Visit to read sample chapters of Eric’s book.

Solar Power And Clean Energy, Inc.
June 2003-Nov 2005 (Clackamas, OR)
Researched, wrote ad copy, and contacted vendors for this solar panel sales and installation business; wrote and update copy for a 13-page website; prepared material for grant and contest submissions.

baron-harvest-peter-lind.jpgPeter Lind
April — June 2004 (Salem, OR)
Edited Mr. Lind’s fictional thriller Baron Harvest (J.D. Publishing, 2004) for clarity, punctuation, and grammar. Visit for more information on this book.

Elizabeth & Co.
September and November 2004 (Portland, OR)
Edited ad copy for this mother-daughter jewelry design company.

Charles C.
December 2004 (Portland, OR)
Edited Charles’s college capstone project for syntax.

Arvison & Associates, Inc.
July 2003 — February 2004 (Beaverton, OR)
Proofread commercial real estate evaluation reports.

Hassan R.
June 2003; January 2004; March 2006 (Alexandria, Egypt)
Edited the author’s novel Nuraya (iUniverse, 2003) for content, plot structure, character development, and syntax. Edited the author’s novella/memoir, Dear Desiree for similar issues.

Sao TomePaul Cohn, author
Editor, June 1999 and October 2003 (Bozeman, MT)
Edited Mr. Cohn’s thriller, YellowStone, for organization, structural development and syntax. Later edited Sao Tome (Burns-Cole, 2005), a novel of Jewish historical fiction, for similar elements. Browse Paul’s website, for a look at this historical gem.

Frank D.
September 2003 (Portland, OR)
Edited the author’s political children’s parable “The Littlest Ant” for character development, organization, and syntax.

Hong Khac Kim Mai, author
Editor, July 2003; March 2006; July 2007 (Houston, TX)
Edited four of Ms. Mai’s short stories for syntax and clarity, as the author’s native language is Korean.

Dillinger Steele, author & playwrite
Editor, November 1999-July 2001 (Bozeman, MT)
Helped Mr. Steele convert notes and letters into a Vietnam-era novel, Chasing Tiger. Helped Mr. Steele convert novel into screenplay of the same name. Later co-wrote a screenplay of historical fiction, “Slade.”

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